Freshman dating a 7th grader

Lol my best friend got an STD because he did it with a girl that wasnt tested. Not only that, every oone knew about her and now she is the most hated girl in school.

Just finding out that a girl had sex looks bad already. And sorry for all this rambling but just tryna give you a heads up. If you too have nothing to worry about then go for it. That should be fine, in my freshman year, one of my friends was dating an 8th grader. Not a big deal, only 1 year difference! It's not super uncommon, cuz lots of people date people with years age differences: I thinks its Perfectly fine Since you both are 1 year apart not like my parents 15 year difference XD Ive even seen 7th graders dating Juniors were i live so Yeah go for it!

My ex bf was 14!


But its hard we broke up cuz he was going into high school and it wasnt gonna be the one im gonna go to: Related Questions Is it ok for a freshman to date a. Freshmen dating 7th grader? Is it appropriate for a 7th grader and a Freshman to date? No rude comments please! Answer Questions No Sex Drive.

I've been very depressed how do i get it back? Should I keep talking to this guy?

Is it ok for a freshman to date a 7th grader?

Or am I overreacting? Do Americans guys like latin girls? Would you get charged with murder if you fucked a prerentagt girl so hard it aborted the fetus? Which is important for marriage, Race or Height? There could be a disconnect with the two people's mentalities, and this could cause problems. This is again where the maturity of the 7th grade boy comes into play. Should a freshman go out with a 6th grader? No, not at all, first of all it won't last, secondly that's ridiculous and thirdly what in the world would you have in common, and lastly that's asking for trouble, so in conc … lusion.

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Well first of all i think the first person is wrong a little bit cause i am a seventh grader and i have an amazing boyfriend that is a freshman so that isn't bad but idk about a sixth grader. So i don't think that will work out. Can a seventh grader date a 6th grader? Not really because they want even remember you when you get in the 7th grade lOL i so agree these 6th graders.


Should a sixth grader date a seventh grader? If the girl is older than no. It's pretty bad that a girl can't get a boy in her own grade so she goes younger. In middle school it's pathetic. In highschool it depends and in … college and beyond a year isn't that bad of an age difference.

  1. Can a freshman in high school date a 7th grader or is that weird.
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Bottom line I suggest not to go younger because it is social suicide. Should a seventh grader have a cellphone?

Is it wrong if I'm a Freshman going out with a 7th grader? | IGN Boards

Since I am a seventh grader, I know a lot about begging my parents for a cellphone! If you are at least two of these then you should get a cell phone. Should seventh graders date sixth graders?

They could if they wanted to. But the seventh grader might be more mature and might expect more from the relationship.

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    Is it wrong if I'm a Freshman going out with a 7th grader?

    If they really want I'm in 7th grade and i do who is also in 7th grade. My parents don't allow it, but that just sucks for them. I've been going out with him since … 6th grade, so yeah.

    But don't just go out with someone because your desperate. Should a seventh Grader have a girlfiend?