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He is recently married so had no interest in participating but wanted to support the friend he just threw to the proverbial lions. Once the room was full, Calgary Expo volunteers cut off the line, which was all men at this point. That can limit the amount of people attending. The unfortunate reality is that there are far more men trying to attend a geek speed dating event than women.

While the numbers of single women going to cons has increased, those numbers are still far outstripped by the numbers of unattached men in attendance.

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Lance described the following scene…. Some individuals in the line dispersed without any issue, accepting the fact that it was full and they did not arrive early enough to get in. Other individuals in the line looked like they had just received word that their mother had died. The look of sadness and desperation took over many of their faces. Some ran up to the volunteers at the door and pleaded with them to be let in… This newly formed begging event lasted for about minutes.

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When the individuals realized they were not getting in, expletives were shared that described their thoughts, and they dispersed. It should pointed out that neither Catherine Saykaly-Stevens nor Calgary Expo can in any way, shape, or form guarantee that there will be an equal number of men and woman interested in attending an event like this.

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The logistics of making that work are insane. Pre-registration for geek speed dating is used but that simply cannot ensure entry or what kind of numbers of each gender will actually show up on the day of.

Realistically, there are aspects of an event like this you cannot control, only influence. If you build it, hopefully they will come, as it were. Ultimately, what happens when the session opens its doors is a crap shoot.

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