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  • Colin Paterson adds scrimshaw to an ivory handled Case Russlock knife. Like most every enduring knife manufacturer, Camillus used several different tang stamps to mark its knives.

    Super quick magic trick (kinda, not really) Camillus Knife.

    It was used on Camillus knives in the early s …estimate: The tang stamp shown here is much like the widely known 4 line stamp shown lower on this page. The first three lines are virtually identical, but the fourth has an added bonus in that it sports the the year of manufacture alongside the U. This stamp has was used on Camillus knives for a very short time. The company quit referencing the date after , but started back up in its later days preceding bankruptcy.

    I believe this stamp to have been used on knives manufactured from to the early s. It is said to have been used on knives manufactured from the early s to the mid s. This tang stamp was used by Camillus from to It ius very similar to other Camillus tang stamps, so be carefull to note the details. You can view others with full length line below. This tang stamp was used by Camillus from to the late s. You have to be careful with this one as it is very similar to a few others.

    Also, there are no dots between USA. This tang stamp was used by Camillus from the later s into the s. Like the stamp shown directly above this one, you have to be careful as it is very similar to a few others. This tang stamp was used by Camillus from up until its bankruptcy in Note that the Camillus brand emerged from bankruptcy in , but this page will remain dedicated to the pre-bankruptcy knives. Have Knives to sell? We offer exciting selling opportunities!

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    By , the Camillus Cutlery Company was producing close to a million knives a year and had about employees, [3] many of them German immigrants. The company even built a dormitory to house its German workers. In the s the knife manufacturer introduced stainless steel to its production, and started making collectible character knives, which honored famous people such as George Washington , [4] Babe Ruth , [5] and Buck Rogers. It also began manufacturing private label products for Sears , Craftsman , Woolworth and many others.

    Marine Corps officers Colonel John M. Davis and Major Howard E. Navy in cutting and splicing lines. It introduced many new products, and in , Camillus began manufacturing a full line of official folding knives for the Boy Scouts of America BSA. After the Vietnam War, the company continued its growth by adding more new pieces to their already wide product range. In , Camillus acquired Western Cutlery Company. Since the turn of the century , Camillus Cutlery saw its revenue decline due to stiff overseas competition and allegedly poor management practices. As a result, employees implemented a four-day workweek after the normal factory shutdown at Christmas In response, management locked the workers out for several months.

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    • The lock out ultimately took its toll on Camillus as customers dried up and the company subsequently filed for bankruptcy and closed its doors on February 28, After the bankruptcy, the original Camillus factory remained empty until it was partly destroyed by fire on February 11, In December , Acme United signed an agreement with Les Stroud to build and sell Camillus survival knives and tools, co-designed and promoted by the outdoor adventurer, known from the TV series Survivorman. Since then, the Les Stroud line has grown to dozens of knives, tools and first aid kits.

      Amongst them is Grady Powell, a former U. In , Camillus re-launched its knives in Europe and soon attracted distributors for the Scandinavian and German speaking countries. Nowadays, Camillus is being distributed in twelve European countries and also in Australia, South Africa and the Philippines.

      Camillus launched more products at the SHOT show than at any other time in its history. For example, it introduced a brand new collection of five hunting knives.

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      They are constructed with Carbonitride Titanium bonded AUS-8 steel, which offers increased corrosion and adhesion resistance while holding a 10 times stronger, sharper edge. At the SHOT Show, Camillus introduced sixteen new folding knives, a heavy-duty line of pruning tools, and a new collection of hunting knives and accessories designed in partnership with Prym1 camo.

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