Dating hiv positive partner

It is merely a measure of logistics and science. However, there are a few things you should be know when starting a relationship with an HIV-positive guy. Pay attention, and you two may live happily ever after — or at least not break up over HIV. You may be worried that a question or concern you have may hurt his feelings. People living with HIV understand that you may have fears or trepidations, especially if you're dating someone with HIV for the first time at least, the first time that you know about.

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So when in doubt, ask as many questions as you like. If you feel worried or guilty about the possibility of infecting your partner, make sure you know how to protect him or her by practicing safer sex.

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Many women feel ashamed of or embarrassed by their HIV status when dating. These feelings are normal. However, if these feelings last and prevent you from dating, or lead to depression or isolation, it is important to get help.

You may feel a good bit of relief even from telling one person you can trust. You may find a support group or therapist helpful. Once you connect with others, you will probably begin to feel more self-confident. As you feel better about yourself, you will likely remember how loving you can be — not just with yourself, but with others.

That love might turn into romance before too long.

Partners Living with HIV

Join our community and become a member to find support and connect to other women living with HIV. Janinebrignola created Positively Positive Woman. Get basic information about tests for resistance, tropism, and viral load — what they are, when you need them, and how they are used. Skip to main content.

Two important things to consider are: Whom do I date positive or negative person? Disclosure For many women living with HIV, the big issue is disclosure. There are two main approaches to when to tell: Tell and Kiss Tell before the first kiss, often before the first date.

Less emotional attachment before a possible rejection Minus side: More people find out that you have HIV Kiss and Tell Wait until after a few dates when you feel comfortable with the person.

If you have a question, don't be afraid to ask it.

No need to disclose to every date; more privacy Minus side: Potential "why didn't you tell me before? Not really — it is a personal choice. But I love this woman. And I want to marry her someday. And have kids with her. And what about the day I marry her and we want to have kids?

Being with a Partner Who Has HIV

Firstly it is really good that you love and support and want to start a family with your girlfriend. Modern HIV treatment means this is all easy to do. Many sero-different couples where one is HIV positive and the other is not decide to do have children and their partners and babies are HIV negative.

CD4 and viral load tests are tests that are used to monitor the health of people living with HIV. Results are usually given as cells per cubic mm.

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Viral load tests tell you how much virus there is in your body. If someone is on treatment, viral load tests also show how well the treatment is working. The aim of treatment is to get the viral load to undetectable below 50 copies. If therefore you were referring to your girlfriend as having an undetectable viral load, then this is good.