Dating different military branch

Happens all the time with jobs, schools, relationships.

Soldiers of Different Ranks

It is even harder with Active duty folks but it does happen. I have seen quite a few work out. But as with any relationship, sometimes it don't work.

You know what I mean. Personal experience and 24 years in the rmy. Related Questions Dating and in different Military Branches? Can two military personal from different branches see each other if they are dating?

Military Laws on Dating |

Does fraternization cross branches? SPC P Join to see.

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Say a soon to be Air Force Officer and current enlisted Marine have a pre-existing relationship, but one is enlisted and the other will be an officer soon. Does fraternization cross between branches? I saw this on Facebook, and didn't know the answer. Posted in these groups: CMSgt Join to see.

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Posted 3 y ago. This truly is one of those "Letter of the Law" and "Spirit of the Law" issues.

How recruiters are in each branch of the military once they get you in their office.

We all know what the regulations say--no go. But there are moments like this where is it understandable due to pre-existing relationship like my distinguished colleagues have said on this thread. I have seen and heard of many Officer-Enlisted pairingsmarried and serious dating.

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  • CMSgt Join to see 3 y. The word preceding 5 is key as well-- "AND". I am an example-leading, line-toting, love-to-mentor chica, but what I do know is that ultimately the heart wants what it wants.

    Dating someone in a different branch of the military?

    When that day comes, and if it is true love not a passing fancy , one has to make decisions because of the rules. CPT David Caldwell 2 y. O was stationed at DLI in She continually berated the geographical bachelor's, usually over O4 who were screwing her E2s. But she was married to an E8 who has the MOH. Nobody gave them any heat. TSgt Mark Singleton 2 y. The rules or how they were applied in the 70's are different than now.

    I was an A1C that hung out with a big group of 2nd Lts. One was my best man when I was married. Then in early 80's on a little communication station with only 3 officers, 80 enlisted and dependents. We all hung out together. Then, when you get back from Afghanistan instead of going home for 30 days, go home for 5 days and them meet her for 5 days at a mutual place.

    Then, you will know if you will have a relationship to build on. One of you will have to separate from the military when your 4 years are up. One of you could transfer to the Reserves and then make weekend meetings and 2 weeks active duty in the summer time. Then, get a civilian job. But, that can come later. For now, if you are both attracted to each other see where it takes you. Don't listen to what others tell you to do.

    Nineteen is old enough to be making such decisions. You both made the decision on your own to enter the military. Previous military experience of 27 years: More than likely this will be a long distance romance for the next few years. I could tell you they rarely survive, especially for teens who often confuse lust with love.

    You could hook up by coordinating your leaves at the same time. But, if you're on sea duty, that could get expensive.

    Does fraternization cross branches?

    Good luck, in making it survive. If it does, it was meant to be! You probably wont see eachother until you deploy out of Afghanistan. Relationships like this can be hard to maintain, so fight hard out there bro!