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I literally have no chance to do anything except die. Showing 1 - 15 of 34 comments. Passion View Profile View Posts. Dante View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by faze:. Last edited by Dante ; 9 Mar, 6: I've been playing since the early days of the franchise. Really can't do much of anything in multiplayer, except die. And be trolled by people like the guy above who thinks he's a badass. Originally posted by Tally:.

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Last edited by redskeletons ; 9 Mar, 6: The Master Sword he will then retrieve, keeping the Knight's line true. Listen dummy all them are from no name sources. Lets see a Dice EA twitter saying why the servers arent working. Gives me poodle corp as proof lmfao! Not 1 person like you is saying ddos attack. If the beta was being ddos'd it would be front page news with 2 thousand replys.

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Actually, it wouldn't, for the very same reason stated in the linked thread I posted. Also, one of the reasons all of those other games you listed had much smoother beta launches was because their servers weren't suffering from ddos attacks. Did that ever cross your mind? Oh my god, you're an absolute clown-shoes. Polygon is a 'no name source'?

I'm guessing IGN is a 'no name source', right? ALL of EA's servers went down. A group of script kiddies claimed responsibility for this directly before the servers went down.

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But let me guess. They had a magical crystal ball, or a time machine, and the Battlefield 1 beta is responsible for taking the entirety of EA's servers down, right?

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You have absolutely no clue what the hell you're talking about. Then again, trolls seldom do. You ask for a Reddit link.

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You're given one from the Battlefield series Reddit page. And then you go 'b-b-but that's not the Battlefield 1 Reddit page!

Why are people not using the server browser anyway? I don't want to be put in a server on the other side of the planet because the matchmaking screwed up. I'll just filter for North America and pick the one I want with the best connection and a free slot open. It's not rocket science, here.