Junior dating freshman high school

Junior dating a freshman

It's not like you're in college and dating a freshman. Now, that would get people to talk. If she's fourteen or younger, like she skipped a grade or something , though, I don't know But, you never know until you ask.

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She might be a bit overwhelmed and surprised when you ask I mean, freshmen don't expect to have a junior ask them out , but go for it! Im a junior too.. Hmm well they say age shouldnt matter in the game of love but i have a friend who is a junior like me and dating a freshmen. Alot of people see it as kinda weird and im sure the maturity level is way different.

Questions contribute nothing to a conversation and tell her nothing about you. Too many questions makes it feel like a job interview. Statements can often replace questions.

No it seems fine im a sophomore dating a super senior so go for it. Well, it depends do you really like her or do you want her for you know what?

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  5. If you are really passionate and actually like and she likes you, go for it. Just don't force into doing anything real stupid.


    Should a junior date a freshmen? (girl = freshmen, guy = junior) - Off-Topic Discussion - GameSpot

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    Are you sure you want to delete this answer? I would say it's totally fine i have a friend who at this moment in time is dating a 15 year old whilst he is 18 it makes no difference the age all that matters is how you feel follow your heart its never wrong. No I don't see anything wrong with that if you really like a person it shouldn't matter what other people think or say and if you have already been dating her I don't see what the big deal is its only two years in two years shell be 18 so just forget about the age my dad dated someone 28 years apart from him so 2 years is nothing.

    Idk if this is what you think but realisticly if you go off to school in a different state when you are 18 then you won't see her again. Something like this is happening at my school in mn and personally it is wierd because of the age dif.

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