Where do you hook up a vacuum gauge

My vac gauge hose is too small to hook up to the PCV or Intake. Think I'll drop by the hardware store and find a brass fitting.

Where to hook up vacuum gauge?

Is this the spot I would hook up to on mine? Look on mine up above. Its the port about six inches or so away from the rear of the carb.

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I don't recall noticing the little holes in mine though. Not sure that makes any difference. I just bought a brass nipple at the hardware store.

I also had to get two different sized hoses. One to fit the vacuum gauge, and one to fit the brass nipple. You can buy little plastic "step-down" connectors to connect the two hoses together. I agree with all your comments about a vacuum gauge. What do you consider to be a healthy vacuum reading, and at what RPM?

My truck with a typically reads around 18 inches.

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But, I sometimes wonder if the rpm range is a bit high causing the reading to be a bit high. I had the boat motor tuned the other day to get 15 inches. That was better than last year before the rebuild when I was getting inches. I still wasn't totally happy with that though. I pulled my intake manifold back off to check for water leaks, and reseal it. I am putting it back on a little different this time Just wanted your thoughts on a healthy vacuum reading range. That's what I figured. Also not sure what's up with the two holes but I'm sure it will be fine.

I stopped by ACE on the way to work and got a brass fitting that works. Anybody have a resource on vacuum testing procedures?


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What the readings tell you etc.? I found some stuff on the web but I'm sure the folks here are much more knowledgeable. I tested last night in the driveway. I got a pretty steady reading of Everything sounded great and the carb responded good. Did not make it to the lake for a load test but will do tonight. How would you condider the reading of 16 at rpm? I connect mine to the vacuum port on my carburetor.

Mechanical and System Problems Affecting Vacuum

Originally Posted by Nicc21 View Post. Larger Dave is offline. I connect it where my pcv valve goes on the front of my edelbrock carb. Hopefully that is the right spot for a good reading? Old Sep 18th, 16, On my 70 LT1, I tapped a couple of spots on my brake booster aluminum fitting.

how to use a vacuum gauge on charlies $50 F-150

Mark 70 Z28 M22 3. Quote message in reply? Install the vacuum "T" between the two ends of the vacuum line. If you are using a vacuum gauge for testing you can now install it onto the T-fitting and perform your tests.

How Engine Vacuum Works

If you are installing a vacuum gauge inside of the vehicle, mount the gauge according to the manufacturer's instructions. If the gauge needs vacuum, run a vacuum hose from the T-fitting into the vehicle. Locate where the wiring harness enters the firewall, slowly push the vacuum line in through the rubber grommet and route it to the gauge.

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