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When Jo Kwon is older he's going to be the dude everybody thinks is gay until he introduces his Lee Hyori-esque wife. Edited at If you can manage to out fierce my bb Key I don't have an opinion if they're dating or not since there's no proof, but if they really are, would they admit it? Se7en has had a gf for seven years and they didn't confirm it until now.

I really wish they're dating though. Reply Parent Thread Expand Link. She's just his fag hag! But seriously, if it is his girlfriend that's really sweet and good for him.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Why do people always make such a fuss? I don't get the fuss either. I love Momo but her rivalry with Natty needs to go. She has better skill and presence while Minyoung needs confidence! Even if Jo Kwon is gay, I don't think he would receive much hate from coming out. Or at least I hope he wouldn't.

Either way, it's none of our business to discuss his sexuality. This is not a guessing game for us to play to find out which idol is gay. If Jo Kwon doesn't want to reveal his partner to the public then that's that. Never forget how hard she worked to get GsD's name out there! Just because he hasn't held a press conference to tell all of Korea he is gay, doesn't mean he is hiding his sexuality. He's quite obvious to everyone with who he is. I'm not hiding him. I'm proudly showing who he is, so people will accept and move on.

I'm not trying to exploit him. I'm just happy about his gay pride. And I didn't mean to ride your comment, sorry. Posted without thinking of riding. Jo Kwon has a small dog called Gaga for Christ's sake that he dresses up in little sweaters and carries around. It's like you're purposely trying to misunderstand. You're not the one who's supposed to show proudly who he is, it's his decision.

Doing things like this build pressure on celebrities to come out. It only makes people more curious.

Jo Kwon reveals he's in a relationship ~ Netizen Buzz

Because people, more often than not, do not accept and move on unlike you seem inclined to believe. He frequents gay bars, has equality and born this way tattoos, I think everyone knows that by now. But if he hasn't publicly said anything about his sexuality, it's not upon you or anyone else to "show proudly" to the rest of the world to judge. Honestly I find her super attractive and adorable with or without makeup. Her bare face is still so refreshing and cute, obviously some pictures would be unflattering like before and after one in the blue adidas jacket.

Nevertheless this is why she's one of my biggest if not top female bias and crush. She has amazing talent and shes basically the full package lets be real lol! Why are people questioning if he is gay? It is his own private life. Be happy that he at least told u that he is dating.

But I am still very happy for him. Doesn't matter who he is dating as long he is happy, I'm happy for him. This just means people's arguments about plastic idols tend to be even more of a nuisance because really, make up can do wonders. And she is not ugly either way. I wish I could look like that without make up I don't wear it but I well know how I look lol. She still looks cute and like People make way too big of a deal about her. He isn't here to give you entertainment based on his private life,wtf??? Who do you think you are. The younger generations are more accepting just about everywhere around the world but I wouldn't count on it tbh.

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There are still a lot of people, A LOT of them, who would view someone negatively for their sexuality. The major difference is that the makeup makes her look like she has double eye--lids but in reality she doesn't. Other than that everything else looks the same. If his hang outs and visible tattoos aren't enough of a public come out for you, ok. I'll wait for Jo Kwon to release an official statement before I'm able to say I'm proud of his gay pride. Din't mean to cause an arguement.

That was only for the first mission. The benefit for the second mission was special fashion boutique outfits, and the benefit for the third was new Samsung phones and makeup. When he was locked up at JYP he was the rap instructor. He is a "rap genius. In my opinion, they aren't, because not a lot of people except his fans would care to try to read that curved mess of a text lol.

Plus there were a lot of his fans who took it as him being a fanboy of Lady Gaga. But an article or a clear declaration would gain a lot of attention and leave no place for questions. Anyways sorry if I come out as aggressive, these kind of stuff get me mad since I feel strongly about it. No, that was Jihyo photographer said she's too fat for a good pic to come out.

Minyoung was criticized for being stuff in the group photo, but her individual photo was praised. Public has no vote. Note how Eunseo was never on screen. They cut her parts because she was already eliminated. I know that it just rumour. I think most idols are transformed like this through make-up. Good make-up and hair is part of the dramatic idol transformation! Here are some other idols for comparison: Hani with less make-up than usual she still has some on I can't get more to upload!

She's hella gorgeous for me! She looks so perfectly fine lady. And you really can please everybody. If you get PS they'll condemn you, if you don't they will still hunt you. I envy these knetz for being sooo perferct that they can't even look theirselves on mirror. THIS is why I was waiting to watch more episodes because coining Nayeon as "overconfident" or "mean". She is a sweet girl and MNET's evil editing was making her seem like a bitch.

And now they are doing it to Dahyun as well.

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She looks like my friend Mi Sun in the pictures without makeup! He isnt gay he has clarified that so many times. Treat your girlfriend well.

Ah time to finally let go of adam couple today. I feel like a proud umma. Are there better pictures of her without makeup? Just cause someone says they aren't gay doesn't mean it's true.

It's not like he could ever admit it.. Minah's a good singer and you can't hate on her for that so you hate on her bare face? How about all of you go take a bare face picture in that angle outside and see how pretty you look. Don't believe that the selcas in your Photowonder folder in your cellphone are what you really look like. The younger generation aren't in the hiring power jobs. If they turn against Jo Kwon, he is done. It doesn't matter how the younger, little power, generation feels about it. Somi, Sana, Mina, and Chaeryung have all been super humble so far.

I know her reasoning was like "they'll understand, I'm practicing for the most important part of the performance-- singing, which I have to do all by myself because I suggested the song and dug my own grave" like I'm going to reserve judgment on dahyun tho, cause I know she went to the doctor and I don't know their schedules enough to understand why she couldn't move her appointment.

True but there is no need to call them a disappointment when other girl groups are literally the same. She is wearing circle lenses in these photos it seems. So this one isnt natural. I wonder why minah's bareface get proud and cl's bareface get hate. They have similiar eyes with no make up and they are really cute without make up.

Glad I was blessed with clear skin lol. But, don't put yourselves down nb commenters. I'm sure every single one of you guys are as beautiful as beyonce and taylor swift combined, with a little bit of IU: Yura has the best visual I can conclude. In wgm when she revealed her bare face I could hardly tell any difference. For Minah the change is quite apparant but still cute I guess. Just that her eyes appear smaller because we are so used to seeing her with smokey eye make-up.

I applaud her for not going under the knife. Make-up can work wonders. Isn't Jo Kwon pretty much out of the closet now even though he hasn't revealed anything? I love him nonetheless. This might explain the change in him. I did not follow him closely, but i used to find him too feminine especially when he was on any variety show. However, I watched a variety show he was on recently, and i found him masculine even when he did the girl group dances. Whose "we" I never have. I never assume about their sexuality unless the are in an open relationship.

You never know if someone is gay or not especially in Korea since it isn't as accepted there. Or maybe he's just brave? And if that was the case, I'm sure he would have specified that he was dating a woman, not a "person". I think that's why her eyes didn't look good on that pic: She's still pretty for me I agree with the power of makeup but Anyway, I like the fact that Minah isn't scared to show her bare face!

There is a huge difference. But she's still looks okay without makeup. Her having no makeup on makes her look average and young. You're gonna have to give more proof than pictures of him from his musical where he plays a crossdresser. Excuse me, netizens but It's his private life! He can do what he wants! Anyway, I'm happy that he's dating and i hope he's also happy! He worked so hard to be a singer so he never date before his debut It's like with makeup, she's become an prettier, upgraded version of herself. Makeup is so amazing. I always wondered how to do makeup like that.

Whenever I try eyeliner it makes my eyes look small for some reason.

Jo Kwon says he is against dating in public

I think we're just used to seeing her with full make up but when she debuted she always had a natural look and I always found her cute. I respect her so much for not going under the knife and relying on make up; it's relatable because we all look different without it That's why i find it weird when people do the smiling eye makeup or have it through surgery which I think is the case without putting on the rest of their makeup because it makes them look really tired if they're not smiling.

It really throws me off.

She looks a bit like a newborn baby I don't think I'd recognize her without makeup. I swear I was like the. I guess I felt protective because everyone would talk about bad about her. I never in a hundred years thought Girls Day would be as popular as they are now tho..