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Just a PSA to lurkers or whoever intested to check it out: How hot or rich is not among it.

But how fashionable might be. If the agency use word like hot and rich One thing with chinaman run thingy is May 9 , Malacca and Kuala Lumpur or Petaling Jaya. Interesting topic and post. But generally we can setup a chat room over here to know each other better , rather than we paying the fees to those agency right? May 11 , Show posts by this member only IPv6 Post Jul 3 , Can we trust those dating agencies? I heard we will be charged a lot! Jul 4 , Finding love through agency is so unnatural.

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Aug 2 , A colleague of mine did and he's been happily married for 10 years with 4 kids. Case by case basis I guess though I think in general, there's a mismatch in expectation like has been mentioned earlier. Sep 20 , I have tried the dating agency from http: I guess, it will lead to somehting. Nov 23 , To be honest, the dating scene in Malaysia is quite dead due to our conservatism. With LA being the monopoly in this industry, they will be charging exhorbitantly on desperate singles. If you go to other countries, even in spore, there is a healthy competition with many government registered dating agencies, surely the services would be pressured to provide better service and lower charges unlike here.

Nov 24 , I am sure there are speedating events in malaysia too right? There should be also other cheaper dating agencies in malaysia? Maybe they are not as famous as LA, but I am sure it is not because they are inferior to LA but just that they do not spend so much money on advertisements For example, I heard that Dating Moments agency in Singapore also has a branch in Malaysia. What was the name again - Scammed Actually? I can understand if you say the Malays who are the majority population marry early age so they don't join dating agencies.

But the chinese who are the minority population still make up about 10 to 30 percent of the population they will still join dating agencies to find a partner right? Not to forget, they can also join speedating events or other cheaper dating agencies Malaysia is such a big country there should be at least 20 to 50 or dating agencies there for you to chose Even in singapore such a tiny country, there is already about 20 dating agencies here So if you don't want to spend so much money and don't mind meeting lower ranking females liek secretary and teachers, than just chose 1 of the remaining plus dating agencies in malaysia to join.

Are you trying to tell me a joke by claiming that Lunch Actually is the only dating agency in malaysia? I am not a malaysian so i don't know what dating agencies are there but i can at least tell you 1 dating agency which have branch in singapore, malaysia and Hong Kong http: Than how come lunch actually can still survive for so long in malaysia?

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Is this another of your joke? Nov 25 , Belajar tinggi2 tapi mengurat pon tak tau. Belajar tinggi2 upah orang cari date. Belajar tinggi2 mat rempit lagi power ayat awek. I did a random google search You can join this 2 dating agency in malaysia too http: At the same time, malaysian chinese can also enjoy the higher salary in singapore and apply for PR while retaining malaysian citizenship so when old that time can still chose to retire back in malaysia You sure about Dating Moments closing down?

In their website they still write that they have branch in singapore, malaysia and hong kong http: Are you a girl who does not want kids? I also prefer not to have kids If you want you can come to singapore to work and look for me? Nov 28 , What is I mana ada engage LA? Jan 9 , Jan 19 , Feb 12 , I go interview once. Anyway how's your experience with their service? Feb 13 , Feb 14 , This post has been edited by skylinelover: Feb 15 , Cyberjaya, Shah Alam, Ipoh. Dont waste your money Well a friend of mine tried to call Dating Moment, but that number no longer operable. Not sure how effective those other dating agengies are, atm LA is the leading monopoly here.

Yeah its hope more competition will come to prevent LA from raising prices and at least better their services to not outprice customers. Spore got its own problems. For those women who want to make a career in Spore, some may not plan to have children. So for the men there who want to marry them, may be in a dilemma. Its tough to raise kids in Spore. Unless you got relatives living there to help chip in the raising of the child.

But if both are migrants to Spore, with no relatives, they gotta trust the expensive childcare there. Haha it is true: More cainis are not getting married and even got don't want to have kids. Recently went CNY, see so many unmarried cousins. I am not afraid of the prospect chinese wont exist in malaysia anymore: Yeah for Chinese to have a kid must spend millions, uni education ,car, hp, sony playstation, amway nutrition, kumon kid education, branded clothes, best milk in the world quality.

For melei, more simpler - uni edu not required, normal milk will do, can makan ord vitamins, main guli or bola sepak. No wonder cainis are not propagating. Feb 16 , Its up to the parent how they can bring up their kids, if one day they old, and their kids not bother to visit them in old folks, something must be really bad in their parenting skills.

In most cases, by the time the parent is so old have to go to old folks home, its the time when they are so old that they suffer from dementia and have to wear pampers until their kids can't take care of them due to high cost and high stress office environment no time - not because they don't care. So even if the parent die alone, their state of dementia is so bad, that they don't even know they are alone. Coming back to the topic, I wish there be more dating sites with lower cost base. I got feedback from lots of friends who tried LA, tells me the concept works but unfortunately LA offer cut throat prices, really expensive and want to charge at premium upper market.

A friend of mine, who was using LA services, he used all their services, found that the girls he met were all upper class because the price was so high. But he met his wife, when he was buying jewellery for his date, and fell in love with the jeweler sales girl. He told me that he realized that its those below certain wealth class that LA prices out, like his current wife who is a jewellery sales girl. Asian girls can kahwin the ang moh even face problem, because they aim for citizenship in western ang moh world. Don't really understand these ang moh liberals, they only want Syrian asylum seekers, Amos Yee type asylum seekers and Asian brides but when it comes to hard working Asian economic migrants that can contribute to their society - they reject.

Mar 6 , Was impressed with their concepts abs how it works out with quality guaranteed people but yet was also impressed with their price! Any other good option could be recommended please? Mar 21 , Decided to make a post here. Hopefully can help people clarify some answers. This life is about balancing. We are talking about dating angecy. Standard RM3k for 10 dates. Investment on sentiment or money. Same goes with Dating Agency.

Before we take out the money and invest on this dating, do minimize the risk. Let's be honest, guys hope to meet hot girls who are pretty. Do you think the pretty girls willing to fork out RM3k to sign this up? Chances are less than getting jackpot. Okay maybe it happens that there is guys anti social hence wanna try this dating set up, so of all the girls who have signed this up previously, how long is the waiting list? Okay statistically the chances are very very low. It's still your choice to gamble.

More or less even if you get the chance to be together with them, sooner or later will be separated. Because the good girls are always taken or wanna be alone during heart breaking or healing time. Best is when you camp them beside and patiently develop the sentiment. Okay you want to be positive, then this world will be a lot more complicated.

Otherwise it's as simple as you don't think about it. Rationally, we expect the same quality when we talk about same equal matching between guys and girls if we pay the money like that in terms of looks, loyalty and wealth. Sadly it doesn't work like that in our current society and environment. There is no definite answers here but I hope LA can offer demo or guarantee return for customers who has interest and appreciate this service. Pay RM3k for 10 quality dates. Then I'll say is fair. As of right now, it's too risky to sign up LA.

Sure if you are the person I was mentioning, rich.. Sorry for the long post. I doubt they hire any girls for the date set up. But with their quality like this, thhe price just can't fulfil most of the average income residents here. I just giving example of the offer they can give, notsaying they have refund. Correct me if I'm wrong. Mar 24 , Jun 23 , They will than call you ask you to go down for their free consultation to make you sign up their expensive package - Lunch Actually will email or call you say got free coaching.

When you go down for the free coaching, Lunch Actually will than try to pester you to sign up for their expensive coaching package In short - avoid anything to do with Lunch Actually do not even join their events so that you do not fall victim to this scam 25 February, Do NOT join eSynchrony - By Bradpick 1 eSynchrony may seem like a cheaper option to Lunch Actually on the surface. But it is highly possible that you may end up paying just as much or even more per date. Unlike LA packages that goes by number of dates, eSynchrony packages goes by number of months. The sad truth is, other than your first date, whatever subsequent matches you have approved will NOT be coordinated for you.

Since you have paid a lower amount for eSynchrony as compared to Lunch Actually, the customer service level will be lower as well. LA consultants will still patronize you once in a blue moon though they do not give you any dates. After both you and the other party have mutually approved the date which can be done through clicking a button in the eSynchrony website , just like LA, the eSynchrony consultant is suppose to coordinate a time and book a restaurant for both of you to meet up. Since the consultant goes MIA, you will end up with multiple pending dates waiting for coordination in the system for months till your package expires.

Eg, you buy a 4 month package but by the end of the 4th month, you only manage to go for 1 date with 8 dates pending for coordination. Even though you are free to go on dates, you are not able to contact the consultant to arrange for the other 8 dates during the 4 months when your membership is still active. In the end, one eSynchrony date ends up being more expensive than one Lunch Actually date.

You will be able to see the number of matches immediately after you finish the test. Initially, you will be able to find around 20 to 30 matches. After about 2 months, the number of matches will suddenly shoot up to to overnight. And strangely, you will notice that a lot of the matches are way off the criteria you had set earlier on. Eg, you had set the criteria that you are not open to someone who has been married, someone of a different race or someone much much older than you. You will somehow be matched to all these people overnight. Congratulations, you have got a wild card!

You might as well join a free online dating website since eSynchrony works almost exactly like that. You are able to sign up an account under eSynchrony and do their personality test without paying.

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Once completed your profile will be in the system and you will be matched to other members. Back to what was mentioned in point 2, you will find maybe like 20 to 30 matches after doing the personality test. Then you decided to pay for membership where you did the payment online. After paying up, you will get to view all the profiles. So in the end, you may be left with just 1 or 2 active members whom you are not interested in. Most of the time, you will not be able to find any consultant.

If you are lucky enough to get one, the consultant will try to arrange a date for you. After you have given her your free dates, the consultant goes missing. You will be left wondering if you should still keep your dates free or make alternative plans. If you join eSynchrony, either you will end up with no dates at all, or you will reluctantly approve dates you are not really interested in since you have already paid. The percentage of no shows for eSynchrony is also higher than for LA.

Reply by Tay on 24 October, I wish I had found this before falling victim to esynchrony scam. In my case, after signing up but before paying for membership, the site gave a false glimpse of what membership experience is like by sending seemingly good matches but of course you don't have a chance to get to know them unless you become a member. Once they trapped you, new matches also stopped being sent. The shortlisted matches from the initial list sent to me do not give an answer to my show of interest in meeting them I suspect that they are either non-members or members that are no longer active.

This is a really low and disgusting way to make a buck. I'm one of the membership expired member. They still sending me emails though and sms as early as 6am which is freaking annoying. They are not so keen to "consult" and "understand" your needs after you signed up. But once your membership ended they are passionate to "understand" your needs and provide face to face consultation which I told them is too late and useless now, just bye bye.

No more money spend in either Esynchrony or LA. Jun 24 , Jun 28 , LA girls they source online too, so there is nothing special on the service you get.

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Just promote yourself more by attending every event you can or ask your friends to intro. Aug 17 , Reading all the post, heading that LA is really not doinh a good job. Expensive and hard sell. I wonder if i really should try LA or not.

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Just broken up this yesr, wish to get a new life partner. Anyone can recomend some table for 6 for dinner? Waste of money, just join more activities or go pickup girls. Oct 10 , I went for their free consultation before I ask them questions till they don't know how to answer me: You charge so expensive price how do we know that you are doing your best to find good matches for us. High chance that after we sign up and pay for it, you will just anyhow introduce the matches LA: We do our best for all our customers.

You and me are strangers. We do not know each other. How will I know that you really do what you mention LA: We are a reputable company who have been around for a long time. You can trust our company and brand name. We have branches in malaysia, singapore, hong kong etc me: California fitness was also a well established gym and setup longer than your agency too but it closed down too. Many customers could not get back their refund By now, LA don't know what to say: Oct 11 , Hi All, Thanks for all your comments: For those who are our members and if we have fallen short in any way - please reach out to us so we can make things right!

And for genuine singles who are really interested to know more about our service - we'd love to address and answer all your concerns directly as well. We do not pay anyone to speak on our behalf. And definitely we do not engage models to pretend to be our clients, that does not make sense because it will just bite us in the end and it will just result in complaints.. You can read genuine testimonials and compliments from happy clients on our instagram https: We have been in this industry for 13 years and we have had thousands of happy marriages and relationships through our platforms!

We do not claim to be perfect - and we can't guarantee that you will find your Special One in one date - but we do our best to help singles in their dating journey through our various services from a dating app that is free, to the personalized, premium service like Lunch Actually. More importantly, every feedback is important to us and we continuously strive to deliver excellent customer service to all.

We look forward to answering your concerns and questions directly at klcupids lunchactually. Thank you so much and have a great day! Oct 12 , My friend met his wife thru Lunch Actually, coupled for two years and got married happily now: Oct 13 , Having a dick these days can be costly Oct 17 , China standard now also quite high.

It prove that malaysia girl is world top 1 expensive to afford. Haiz waiting old and die lo. Oct 18 , Malaysian girl not too expensive but they can afford to choose where else those countries mentioned just accept for the sake of money and PR status. So those lower income or middle income just watch porn or drama to pass rest of the life.

Personally I would rather spend the money to travel, do some backpack or couch surf which allows you to meet new people from all over the world. It'll help broaden your view and experience which eventually will improve your odds in getting a girl. Why fish in a pond when you can fish in an ocean: Oct 19 , Oct 20 , Nov 2 , How long before they will contact you? I just signed recently, maybe weeks to process membership, which most likely end of March How many lunch dates can LA provide for RM ?

If they choose for you, first date always hnnggghhh girl, then second one ok ok only, then the more dates you ask for, it gets worse and worse. Feb 24 , I have never used such dating agencies, honestly. But I really like some sugar baby websites like the one on SecretBenefits. They are pretty similar I guess, but you can date some girls there without anyone's help. Maybe you will find it helpful to you too, good luck with dating ; This post has been edited by Jasond: Mar 23 , Mar 2 , I joined Esync after the relationship manager RM called me and promised guaranteed at least 10 dates per year In the 1st year, only 3 dates arranged, the RM went MIA throughout the year and only reappear by the end of 1st year membership Due to no better way to expand my network Whenever i asks for feedback, the only feedback i get is "no feedback yet" Their service is so disappointing to the extent like no service at all after they got your payment.

Oct 29 , I thought you choose your own dates in the internet mah. Track this topic Receive email notification when a reply has been made to this topic and you are not active on the board. Subscribe to this forum Receive email notification when a new topic is posted in this forum and you are not active on the board.

On my way Group: There is another package like 3. I guess thats like the offer you heard from them last time, seems about right. Actually I dont mind dropping 1k first to try first before paying the full amount. QA is also a criteria man: They paid around 8k I think, got a few dates, but none of the person matches what they want, let alone hook up.

Of course, if you wanna be skeptical about everything, that its all a scam. Then, nothing works in the world,: The interview was referring to the consultant. Its a whole bunch of personality test, the stuff that you might get in a job interview or teambuilding shit. You get matched according to that. That would be the same business plan as a japanese hostess club. You pimp without the whole illegal part,: Hehe Trust me, that would be a very good deal for 3.

When I was reading slowpoke comment, I was thinking, girls well trained in political, mainstream topic, able to hold a conversation in English. You can't do that with some pretty farm girl. But of course, a pretty farm girl that knows rudimentary english would still be worth a lot Ahh, no I'm not getting bored, its just went from dating agency recommendation to setting up a hostess bar ,: No, of course there are educated PRC girl.

I was thinking about the business plan. Thats why I say you cant do that with a pretty farm girl. Unless you got news for me that there's a surplus of english speaking college graduates desperate for any jobs. And I mean any.

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Still single coz unable to fork out the 1K plus: Tinder lo save 3. Custom Made e-Penis Group: Look at all my stars!! Blooop bloop bloop Group: Keep blaming and cursing myself everyday Topic merged. Keep blaming and cursing myself everyday I have never believe for one second that dating agency actually works.

No point signing up This post has been edited by Gazprom No point signing up: This, my dear sir, is the kind of objective review I'm looking for. Well, in term of price, one would have to ask, for the same price, can one get a more effective service? I'm glad the other service worked out for you.

No point signing up gazprom: Hehe Awesome fantastic business strategy to squeeze every penny out of a despo on top of paying that blardy date and don't even know if he is gonna like her face even? She gets to pick a restaurant with budget of RM At least, I know I like the face, tits and booty.

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I'm sure this will work even if I lost my hair, my teeth and probably diagnosed with erectile dysfunction. Dude, we're of the same opinion and yet you misunderstood me. The whole topic wasn't about the price or how expensive is things. Its about the experience you get from hiring an agency , and how objectively you describe it.

Whether its worth it or not its up to the reader. Again, I would like to stress that, not a single post by me mentioned anything about expectations of looks. It is actually logic. Yes, many agencies or so called agencies prey on people's imagination. Because you paid alot for something i. Its a simple rationale. For example If I pay RM k for a mercedes benz for example, do you think I will expect anything less than the luxury, comfort and safety of typical of a Mercedes Benz? Would you be happy if you paid RMk for a mercedes benz that looks, feel and rides like a Proton?

The same applies to dating agency. What do dating agency sell? The promise of an eventful date. Now by paying so much money, do you think you will go in with zero expectation of your date i. As a fairly attractive girl i assume to be forking out RM 3k for dates, do you think they will settle for some nerdy, socially awkward guy who they can easily hook up with outside the dating agency? As for the cynical saying, it is an observation.

If one do not even dare or are too shy esp guys or even girls these days - gender bias is no longer in play. Its called equal rights to approach someone and talk to them, what chances do you think they have even if they have a prefect person in front of them? Not going to work, right?

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This post has been edited by Gazprom And to add on, do you think women who pay RM3k for dates are going to settle for some nerdy, socially awkward guy that are a dime a dozen in their office? Why waste so much money just to have dates with men who they can get anytime assuming they are attractive enough. And if they are not attractive enough, what makes you think the guy paying RM3k will want to settle for her, right?

It works both ways. Expectation kills the dating game. Best is just to keep it simple, no expectation, no money maybe just pay for the meal that's it. That is my opinion This post has been edited by Gazprom Man, you guys are a riot. Nov 4 , Well, if most of the client writes "pleasant personality" ONLY in their preference, I'm sure they will also hire women from, unisex saloon, sales person, event promoter, or girls working at handphone shop. The thing is, are you gonna just write "pleasant personality" as only preference for RM3K right?

Does women need to pay for such services too? I thought all they need to do is just leave their contact. Just to share my experience here, no judging and pouring cold water pls, I learned a hard lesson Thanks, I appreciate your courage. I don't know the exact system if this agency you applied to. Is someone that was never active for 1 year still considered a member and are they paying anything during this duration?

Of course the agency should check their member from time to time, like are you still single or not. But if a person lies, not much they can do about it either, at most cancel their membership. They are a dating agency, not private investigation. Because when Datesmith sets up dates, they did inform me that they are careful to match so that if it does become serious, any racial or religious issues will not come in the way if the pair wanted to settle down in the future.

In fact, I had a grand total of three potential dates lined up for me, and only the last one was a mutual match. The first guy apparently stopped responding, potentially displeased by my profile. Luckily, I did gently strong-arm Datesmith into setting the date relatively near to my house, so I had some time to drive home and change for dinner. To protect his privacy, I have decided to redact his name. This gave me quite a laugh. In all honesty, there was a small part of me that was kind of hoping that the date would tank, just so that this article can be a little more spicy, but we did end up getting along quite well!

All of that being said, I did agree to go on a second date with bae. Overall, my Datesmith experience has been a little of a mixed bag. But Datesmith has been very clear from the start about one thing. Type and hit enter to search Search.