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Really, that article that I linked to about Jewish people reclaiming the word Jew is what got me thinking about this, and perhaps made me unsure of the language I use. I used the word "queer" recently in a different thread as I feel like that's the term du jour these days, and nobody called me out or corrected me on it, but I did wonder afterward if that's something gay men and women use between themselves and is deemed offensive for outsiders.

If queer is okay to use again, queer as an adjective has a different feeling from the noun , it would be, if nothing else, a convenient shorthand. I don't want to reduce anyone's 'identity' to any one attribute, but Christian people don't seem to have any trouble with being called Christians, but saying 'a Jew' rubs people the wrong way.

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This probably has something to do with Jews', like 'homosexuals'', long history of oppression and discrimination. Funny that it's cool to say Muslims as a noun, though.


So, thanks for the answer. It seems like at this moment adjectival 'gay' is the way to go. So my take away from the responses is mostly Jack'd and Grindr though it's more common among non-Koreans. Also, what is this "military thing" that had people worried about being exposed?

They do have their own app called Diggso Here is an articale about what happened! Daegu has an amazing group of members and they have alot of get togethers and things. Nway the "scene" here is still very hidden and not spoken about but you will soon find a group if you are lucky enough to be in Seoul. I'm in Busan and struggling to make friends with other likeminded guys. Koreans tend to be really only into the most handsome of guys! But each to his own!

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Have a great time in Korea! I guess that pretty much covers my bases? I am not much of a "scene" guy. Really abhorrent this military rule!!! Pecan The Legend Posts: The Korean military is NOT homophobic.

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That is a gross misrepresentation, an open secret, like abortion as a regular means of birth control. Sexual violence and sodomy are chronic and widespread. Not too many openly speak about what goes on, while there are those that have shed some light on the situation. Some liken it to what they imagine prison would be like, as man on man "action" is all around. It is never acceptable to punish adults for having consensual sex. Sexual assault and rape are an entirely different matter. The Korean military can be pretty homophobic.

The new president is against gays in the military too as he thinks they "weaken" the military. So his quote on here said. Source about the military: A few gay koreans who have done military service.

Korea is a pretty homophobic country all round. Last weekend in Daegu once again proved this. You can try Hornet too but I don't know if it's any good. June 26, , Jack'd isn't even available here in South Korea. Is that a new development? Piggydee The Legend Posts: Piggydee on August 31, , Badoo is not for Korean citizen. You do not need an ID to use it.

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Just email or phone number as every other dating apps. Use it myself, but gotta say. SpaceRook Expert Waygook Posts: Tinder sucks in Korea. Even though it is 'free', it is a complete waste of time. Tinder and Badoo are wonderful if you live in Seoul. They worked for me, and that's as detailed as I'll get. I'm actually still in a 5 month relationship with a girl I met on Tinder.

I've since deleted the app. TheEnergizer Hero of Waygookistan Posts: BlackBox on January 13, , I used websites like UBlove back in the day. Was good, but I always had to travel to meet the girls. Wasn't countrywide; mostly Seoul, ocassionally Daejeon, Busan, etc. These apps are prob the same.

I've been hiding living a more frugal life style in recent years as the debt sentence had been taking it's toll. Over the next year, I should be able to jump back into things. I'll check these things out.

I tried out Tinder for the hell of it. It's not finding many people and the ones it does find are simply not sharing my interests. I'm not into partying, drinking, and camping which seems to be popular here. Morfee Super Waygook Posts: TheEnergizer on January 13, , Been hearing a lot of people hooking up on Tinder I've had no luck on tinder, skout is another app but watch out for that, there are prostitues on there and well not my cup of tea.

Other people have found luck on 1km entirely korean badoo, and okcupid. It's easy to hook up for foreign women, almost all my friends have found it easy to hook up. Which is probably why I'm getting no luck because I don't do hookups. Mister Tim Hero of Waygookistan Posts: BigEaredHylian on January 14, , Read times weigookin74 The Legend Posts: Logged BlackBox Newgookin Posts: Now, for that kind of meet ups, bars are your only hope.

A lesser quality girl hangs out there and are more willing to go home with you after your first meeting. Be warned though, if she went home with you that quick, chances are she did it as well with someone else.

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And Koreans are not well-known for their use of protection. So make it clear, though she may be cool with, no glove no love son. Ok, for foreign girls here, it's different. The pretty ones get too much attention. The foreign guys here give them too much attention, the Korean guys that are interested in foreign girls give them too much. Good luck dating a model status white girl here. Because of the low competition rate, they play even harder to get than back home.

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However, the less desirable foreign girls and we all know what I mean are a bit desperate. They used to get attention back home, even if they were pounds overweight. But here, with so many thin pretty and obsessed with outward appearances Korean girls, they get little to no attention from guys here. Foreign guys have their eyes on other prizes and Korean guys really aren't into fat white girls. This drives them to either drink and eat heavily thus exasperating their predicament or bed down with the first bloke to matches their eye contact.

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  • I've seen that happen a lot. The match has been lit. Logged weigookin74 The Legend Posts: Logged khalavala Expert Waygook Posts: January 14, ,